Work Space Introduction

I decided it was time to do some cleaning….

It’s certainly not the prettiest…..or the biggest, but she’s mine…introducing my work space—AKA the milk house! It needed some cleaning up! Someday it will be a bit bigger & not so breezy—the windows will be fixed!! And the freezer won’t need to double as my work table & Joe won’t have to move stuff off of the top to get out dinner!

It took a bit, but not too much time, it was nice to get it taken care of — get ready for next year, and have room to work on my dried flower arrangements. I also put together a new perennial garden that I’m super excited about – that will have to be on the next blog!

My work bench at the start of the day…

It only took a few hours….but it will be nice to have it ready for Spring time! I’ll put the dried flowers away soon!
Months of snipping bouquet ends made a huge mess over time…next year I’ll use a bin to snip into! I also had cardboard boxes stacked up from my potting containers…this is where my sly sneaky snake likes to hang out!
I did clean off the top of the thing on the left hand side-it’s a meat saw that was holding my box of bouquet sleeves & other stuffs
Bella holding down the bouquet sleeves on the meat saw-the milk house was also the processing room for beef & deer

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