Next Year’s Line Up

For someone who says she’s cutting back, there certainly is a lot of seeds here. But keep in mind, I will not be planting all 100/50/25 seeds in the packet to go in my garden. They will be started by seed, and most of them sold. I really like that Johnny Select seeds allows me to buy specific colors also, it’s not just a mix. This makes it easier to be super focused on what I’m growing and more particular about colors. I also like shopping at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, but they appear to be all sold out – which I’m sure they will get more stock in, but I’m not willing to wait or trust that by the time I loop back around to placing my order that they will have what I want. I’m also going to be placing a plug order for things that are tricky to start i.e. Stock, Lisianthus and whatever else jumps into my cart!

Sunflowers: Will be sure to do a better job at succession planting so they are not on all at once. I will also be sure to utilize my refrigerator more and pick sooner than later! The seeds will also be shared with several different people! I think we will not allow the volunteers to be so prolific next year – they are full of pollen and crowd the rest of the garden – we certainly will keep a batch because the bees love them – but not as many! A * indicates it’s new to me!

  • Sunfil Green (Joe likes to refer to them as Oscar the Grouch!)
  • *Jade (well, of course I had to try them!)
  • *White Nite
  • *Plum
  • *Strawberry Blonde
  • Teddy Bear

Zinnia: Certainly a much loved summer bloomer that’s always fun & easy to grow – whoever thought I’d admit to that?! I said I didn’t like them – but Joe convinced me to try them our first year, and I’m glad he did!

  • Benary’s Giant Lime
  • Queen Lime Orange
  • Zinderella Peach
  • Queen Red Lime
  • Oklahome Pink

Grasses: I really enjoyed growing these for the first time this year, I will utilize my wheat pods that I saved this year as well as try some new things.

  • Frosted Explosion – do more of than last year, and certainly try a succession planting, pick sooner, and dry.
  • Feathertop

Asters: They are such fun flowers, and such great producers – 8 stems per flower – long stems even! And a great vase life!

  • *China Aster-Tower Salmon
  • *China Aster-Tower Silver
  • *China Aster-Kind Size Apricot
  • *China Aster-Lady Coral Lavender
  • *China Aster-Valkyrie Mix
  • *China Aster-Tower Yellow

Cosmos: I certainly enjoy growing these, I still have some seeds left over from last year – I will stick with what I know. Somehow my patch got filled with “new” to me variety, I wasn’t paying attention and they were shorter than what I expected, and the ones I really wanted didn’t make it…so…I will be more deliberate next year.

  • *Afternoon White
  • Cupcake Blush
  • *Double Click Snow Puff
  • *Fizzy White

Dara-also known as Queen Anne’s lace, one of my customers doesn’t like it, so I didn’t use it this year – silly I know because a lot of people do like it and it’s a great addition that I will bring back this year. This one isn’t just white, it also has *purple, a *burgundy and *pink!

*Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia Seed: not entirely sure I will like it, but I’ve seen a lot of people using it and wish I had some in my life.

Silvery Rose Strawflower-I have a ton of straw flower seed, but this one is so pretty, it’s nice to have a specific color choice!

Sultane Mix Strawflower Mix-I know I said I had a ton of my own, but these are supposed to be bigger around-though mine certainly are good sized, but I thought I’d try them!

*Green Gold Bupleurum: thought they would be a good filler

Persian Cress: I do enjoy these as a filler

*Crane White Ornamental Kale: I’m excited to try these!

*Crane Red Ornamental Kale: Such a fun color!

Amaranthus: people love these in their arrangements, I certainly didn’t have enough of a variety so next year I will do different kinds!

  • *Red Spike
  • *Emerald Tassels
  • *Coral Fountain
  • *Hot Biscuits

Sweet Peas: I saved probably 1,000 of my own seeds, but I will most likely sell those and plant the new ones…

  • Mammoth Choice Mix
  • Spencer Ripple

*McKana Giants Mix Columbine: These will not bloom this year, but I’m sure they will be beautiful next year!

*Dianthus: These are first year bloomers Sweet Williams, we’ll see when they actually bloom though!

  • Amazon Neon Purple
  • Volcano Mix

Florist Blue Boy: I save a bunch of my own Bachelor Button seeds, but the wedding I might be doing really want’s the blue color…so I will plant an extra load of those! My daughter really enjoyed them also!

*Blue Glitter Eryngium: super fun spiky thistle looking situation!

*Feverfew: Not a huge fan, but I’ve seen people use it, so I thought I’d give in to peer pressure!

Pink Beauty Soap wort: Loved, loved, loved this last year, but I need to do a better job at succession planting, and it was a super early bloomer, great filler!

Statice: I love that I was able to focus more on colors! I enjoy growing this because it’s a great filler & it dries so well!!

  • Rose
  • Pastel Blue
  • Light Yellow
  • White

Lemon Mint: also called Lemon Bee Balm, such a great long lasting flower in bouquets, so dramatic and smells great! The bees love it too!

*New Look Dusty Miller: totally a peer pressure buy, but I do enjoy the way it looks!

*Starflower: totally an envy buy, I’ve seen this in other bouquets and really like the looks of it.

*Sweet Annie: A great filler, though I’ve heard it’s annoying, but wanted to find out for myself because everyone has different opinions on annoying!

*Colorado Star Artichoke: I’ve seen it used, I’ve always admired it, so why not try it!

I just realized I do not have any Yarrow, I really enjoyed growing that this year, so I will be sure to loop around and pick some of that up before it’s sold out!

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