Fall Bulbs….Spring Color

Happy Friday night – two postings in one day? How is this possible?

I was waiting at West Coast Pops for people to pick up so I had some time to do some reading to get caught up with my fellow blogs that I follow. One of the blogs reminded me that I placed my bulb order….and had completely forgotten to update my blog with the exciting news!

I received the catalogs back in May – on my birthday no-less! I thumbed through those, front and back, showed them to my daughter and mom…chatted about them, dog earred them, circled my wants and starred my NEEDS….filed them away…and have been thinking of them for a while. I pulled them out two weeks ago, made a list in my notebook, tallied it up and came up with 646 bulbs that I wanted…I wasn’t interested in the price tag, so I sat on the list a bit longer before I finally had time to sit down and tackle the final order.

Tossed around the idea – do I really need bulbs, are the mice going to eat them all, will I be able to sell any stems, do I really want the hassle….do I really have the money, what is going to be happening in March next year? Oh, yes, of course my new grand baby will be arriving, do I have time for the new baby….and flower bulbs? Well, of course I do!! (if this news is new to you….I won’t hold it against you for not reading my blog a few weeks ago where I actually do an official announcement of my daughters first baby due in March–it was a long post!)

So, anyhow–I took the plunge and made the order–who knows what will be happening in March, who knows what will be happening in October when they need to be put in the ground – what I do know…is that I’m so looking forward to spring bulbs – I loved the ones that did make it this year! I have already had people mention they want to be on the list of flower subscriptions for next year, so why not? Plant some bulbs, get dirty, say a few prayers, wait for the snow to melt and the ice to thaw and hope for the best!

Coming next year….((if the mice do not eat them….))

— Tulips: (many of them are double/peony type!)

  • Angelique
  • Blue Wow
  • Blushing Girl
  • Fancy Frills
  • Foxtrot
  • Foxy Foxtrot
  • Green Wave
  • Mondial
  • Mount Tacoma (white!)
  • Queensland
  • Rosalie
  • Sensual Touch
  • Sunlover
  • Bouquet Mixture


  • Giant Darwin Hybrid Mix
  • Casa Blanca
  • Garden Party
  • Fragrant Oriental Mix


  • British Gamble
  • Chromacolor
  • Flower Surprise
  • Le Torche
  • Mount Hood
  • Orange Sunset
  • Snowboard (white!)
  • White Lion (White!)
  • Lorikeet
  • Lingerie (peach!)
  • La Belle

And….I bought some Paperwhite gift bulb boxes to give to special people. I also picked out some Camassia Leichtlini (not entirely sure how it will do here, or even how to pronounce it – but it looks pretty!) I also am going to try Leucojum Graveetye Giant. (again, nothing I know how to pronounce, but it looked pretty, and it’s white, might be helpful to use in bouquets maybe?) We’ll see how it goes! Something new-well, they are all new really, except the Le Torche daffodils that did so well last year and the Casa Blanca Lily’s that I enjoyed so much this year!

It turned out to be be about 450 bulbs, still a bit of a price tag that makes me bulk a bit, but….even if I sell half of what I plant — it will be worth it — just the photo opportunities alone are worth it! And sharing them with my mom, sister-in-law, daughter and hopefully my daughter-in-law (if she is home) will be worth it!

So, of course there will be some flowers next year–just not as many as this year. I will work on getting better at using my space more efficiently, and not try so many crazy things – I know what people like, I know what works well here, so I should focus more on that sort of thing. There will be a shift-new babies, hopefully grand babies returning home, possibly more summer travel, maybe movement forward on the new barn even? We will see how it goes!

Have a fabulous weekend my friends – stay safe & healthy! Chat soon!

One thought on “Fall Bulbs….Spring Color

  1. Looks like a fabulous selection. I’ve grown lots of them, but some varieties were new to me, so I’ll look them up. The Camassia does well for me, but has a brief bloom period. As a cut grower, that won’t be an issue for you. Had the Leucojum at the farm, and it was lovely and long lasting. I bet you’ll like them.

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