Almost the End…Finding Things…Time

Happy beautiful Friday morning my friends. It’s a lovely day today, almost my last Friday delivery….two people get their last one today – then two more next Friday. This Monday was supposed to be my last delivery for my Monday people- but apparently it’s Labor Day! One of them is a business that will not be open, so I will head in on Tuesday – which should be interesting because I had a few other things to do. This time of year gets busy with back to school, canning, and shutting down the garden.

I did find a few pumpkins – three little sugar pumpkins, two Jill Be Littles, and 3 Caspertitias! I’m looking forward to poking around and finding more soon!

I also found my Hollyhocks – which are beautiful!! I’m not sure if they will work in vases, but they are so pretty, I can’t even be mad that they are little!

The picture doesn’t do the color justice!

You would think I lived on 100 acres when I say “I found”, like it’s some sort of surprise…but what happens is….I get busy in a different part of the yard. I’ve looked over at the gourd patch, where the arch is, where the Hollyhocks and a few other misfits were planted, and I think “I need to get over there and clean that up a bit”. But seed collecting, harvesting flowers, dog ball and a million other things get in the way.

For Monday deliveries I had to buy some blooms from a fellow flower grower. She is always fun to visit with, her garden is so different from mine – so much more organized and full of different things! Adding her Dahlia’s is always a nice touch – thankfully I had enough of my own for today’s deliveries. It’s not that I don’t like hers, it’s just that they aren’t mine….and of course they cut into my bottom line. As if it really matters?! I end up doing three free bouquets for mom, my daughter and my mom’s neighbor, so it’s not like I make money off of those — not that I need to, but….let’s not always make it about the bottom line! Buying from the other flower farmer is beneficial in so more ways than just money – building that friendship, supporting another flower farmer, and giving beautiful flowers to my family doesn’t have a price tag.

I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do for Tuesdays, but I do see that I have a few blooms coming on. With the heat, and maybe some extra love and attention (aka fish fertilizer) maybe I can get them to bloom in time for Tuesday?! It seems that whenever I go out there, somehow my bucket fills up like magic! My Snap Dragons came back for a second showing!!

My new bed side table – maybe I should take a picture of what it actually looks like-but the flowers are distracting!!

I’m ready to have the season over, we are trying to maneuver a quick trip back to the lake we visited this summer….the weather has been so amazingly warm-leave it to 2020 to have summer arrive in late August early September! We have a beautiful crop of pears almost ready to process, we are pressing apples tomorrow with B&J (Joe’s Brother across the road), and we are heading to pick up 7 boxes of peaches to bring back and share on Sunday. Of course there’s also the hike up to Winchester that we are hoping to do this year…never enough time in the day! I think we are going to avoid the weekend times simply because of the crowds, but Joe has been busy back at work – so it’s been tricky! We will see what we can get done, it’s all about priorities, the pears and peaches tell us when they are ready, so we jump when they tell us it’s time! The time window for a comfortable, safe hike up to Winchester is a very small one, so that one is always a bit tricky too.

Our pear crop from four trees!

I’m still working on my oil post – yes, it’s almost done, but I have a few missing pictures and what-not to add….but it will get there.

I hope you are well. I’ve managed to find myself with itchy arms, stuffy nose, and goopy eyes the last few times in the garden. Not entirely sure what it is that’s giving me fits, but something my body doesn’t like. Not sure if it’s the dust from the Sweet Peas when I’m harvesting seeds, the sap from the Sunflowers, or some type of weed in the main garden that is just coming into bloom. Whatever it is, it’s unpleasant! Hope all is well with you & yours. Until next time my friends – hugs!!

Lots of color in the Zinnia patches….!!
This was the Zinnia patch I started seeds in trays mid-June…they are already producing well and are super happy!

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