2 a.m Phone Calls….Messes….& Progress

Happy Sunday morning my friends. I hope your week has rounded out peacefully and productively. We find ourselves with sun today, of course I was out taking pictures in my pajamas – rumbled bed head and all. Thankfully we live far enough off the road that if someone were to drive by – and they most certainly do at times, they won’t see all the gory details of my mess! However, if one were to have let’s say a pair of binoculars and have the time and energy to stand on the side of the road, they might be a decent clown show! Me talking to my flowers, talking to the sun, and singing to myself….and maybe even a little dance perhaps. Yup, that’s me – the crazy flower lady!

Early morning pictures of the gardens, such a magical time of year!

I wish I could say that my week was productive in the garden, but alas, its been a bit crazy. We went out to the beach on Monday through Thursday. We had visitors out, our 10 year-old niece came out one night, then our 8 year-old nephew came out for a night, my mom and her boyfriend out for lunch one day, and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law with our 16 year old niece came out and met us for dinner at a beach restaurant. It was rather delightful and enjoyable. Lots of time in the salt water & sun, I tried to let all of the garden go, but that’s difficult to do sometimes!

We received a 2 a.m. phone call our last night out there. Mom’s boyfriend called to tell me mom had missed the bed when trying to get back into bed, and cut herself pretty badly on his dresser. He had the paramedics on their way, and called to let us know they were going to transport her due to the fact she is on blood thinners, and the cut was deep enough to have a bit of blood squirting everywhere. I met them at the hospital, they let one person in – so in I went.

When I arrived at the door of her little cubbie, all the nurses and doctors looked a bit surprised to see me-or was it that I didn’t seem worried about the situation. They suggested I sit down because it was a bit of a bloody mess, but it was okay. The only thing that was a bit bothersome was the fact that hours later the doctor that was putting in the 26 stitches needed help holding a knot in the middle of the mess and asked me for help because no one else was there to help?! So odd, and a bit unprofessional…yes…no?

The swelling was quite bad, and her skin is a bit thin, so it was a bit tricky to put in those stitches, but in the end we walked out of there four or five hours later….it was a happy ending to a 2 a.m. phone call. One of these days, that 2 a.m. phone call isn’t going to end so easily. I received a 2 a.m. visit from two police officers when my dad passed away five years ago, it so disorientating, not only are you woke up from a deep sleep, but to get such news turns your world upside down and inside out, I don’t know about you, but making decisions under such circumstances it a bit difficult.

Joe and I had driven to the hospital in the truck that we used to haul the trailer out to the beach, and it was check out day, so he headed back to camp to have coffee & take down camp. By the time I made it home by 9 he was home and unpacked, came back in to pick us up and take mom home….at least I think that is how it happened, the morning was a bit of a blur. I do remember coming home and crawling in to bed to get some rest.

Needless to say, I was a bit out of sorts the last few days. We still did the pop-up shop, but had to shorten the hours because I was trying to pull together a few things my daughter needed me to take care of, mom needed her bandaged changed (which I did a horrible job of, so her boyfriend is taking over that job), and of course the gardens are a mess – oh the weeds!

I did manage to get a few of the weeds taken care of, as well as stock the stand and get that posted on the local Facebook page. We has some visitors last night, and we see some down there this morning. My Goditias are going full force ahead, they don’t last long, so I’m trying to make sure they are getting used! Of course I have way too many…..I’ll work on less next year, but it’s so difficult to do less. I am honestly aiming for five rows next year….five rows, five subscribers, one day a week deliveries. More food, less demands on Joe so he can focus on his stuff, and maybe less stress for me to feel like I need to make people happy.

Joe made a little bucket holder for the side of my stand!! Perfect for the tall flowers & market bouquets!

I also managed to process some oils this weekend. My St. John’s Wort oil finally turned red, so I sorted that out and have it in jars to share. I’ve discovered I hate the smell of Olive Oil, so I tossed out the jars of Calendula oil that I had started, but still ended up with lots of oil to use and still have lots of dried Calendula to use up, so it will all be just fine. I see a lot of my Calendula has gone to seed in the garden, which is just fine, I’m looking forward to harvesting the seeds and sharing those also! I made some honey lip balm also, nothing from the garden in it, but there is local bees wax and honey that I used in it. It was fun to try something new, I certainly made a mess of the kitchen, thankfully there wasn’t any grumblings about that.

St. John’s Wort Oil
Honey Lip Balm

During all of the going’s on around the house, we had a few visitors too, it was nice to have the nieces and nephews back around the house while their mom was working on the hay in the fields. Lots going on with summer finally in full swing.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week! Hugs to you.

5 thoughts on “2 a.m Phone Calls….Messes….& Progress

  1. KC

    Beautiful post (except the part about your mom) and photos (where do you live, approximately?). I’d love to see some of your ‘equipment’ or some photos of the processes that you use to get your products. Have a wonderful brand new week.

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