Traveling and Learning -Without Leaving Home

Happy Friday my friends! I’ve been poking around on my page and have started to get caught up on people who follow my page and have liked or commented on my posts – it’s been fun visiting other pages and reading about someone other than me and my issues! It’s been fun learning about other people’s lives during this crazy COVID lock down, it’s been super nice taking a break from Facebook….and learning a few things about other parts of the world!

One of the posts involved hats – by Things Helen Likes (I certainly wish I could link it here, but now I can’t seem to find it anywhere!!). The post had me thinking about our time in Italy last year – you can visit our adventure site if you’d like…. Double J Flower Ranch Adventures. I was hoping to add a road trip there this year to Wyoming….but alas….there is no road trip this year, partly due to the virus, but also, Joe has been super busy with work and taking time off has been a challenge. Perhaps we will do a bit of a trek…only time will tell.

In my adventure blog’s title it says – get out and explore while you still can – who knew that just a few short months later we were going to be unable to get out and do much exploring around the globe – much-less even our own town! Even now with the lock-down letting up a bit, venturing outside our county is going to be a little tricky. I’m certainly thinking that outside the state might not be the best idea either….so I visit other people’s blogs!

I’ve also been following a very nice lady Carolee from Indiana. Her blog herbalblessings is chock full of advice on gardening, harvesting and life! It’s been a joy reading her insights, learning about different methods of growing and her portage garden is straight out of a dream garden book!

I also like to visit Gramma Penny’s Garden, not a surprise it’s about gardening! Her pictures are gorgeous, and it’s fun to see what’s happening in her garden, her struggles and her triumphs!

I hope that your week has come to a gentle ending and you find rest for the weekend. Chat soon! Hugs to you! Off I run to take care of flower subscriptions today!

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