New Roads & Exploring

Happy Saturday! Hope all is well with you!

Yesterday we spent two hours in the garden, I managed to get rows 2 & 3 weeded. Unfortunately I’ve lost a good deal of Celosia…..I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it….but it is what it is. I have several in the greenhouse still and I put some in the main garden, so the 10 empty holes in row 3 should not bother me too much, but it’s still frustrating. I do have a few things to fill those holes, I’d put in the plants from the greenhouse, but….the roots are too big to fit into the holes!

After two hours of weeding, we loaded up in the car to trek 35 minutes across the county to find bees wax. We also had to get kitty litter, but that’s only 5 minutes away, but it’s been difficult to find bees wax any closer than that — I should say difficult to find local bees wax, I certainly could have ordered it off of Amazon and had it delivered the next day, but I wanted to keep it local and find it from local bees. I’d love to find coco-butter locally, but….I’m thinking I will have to buy that from some store.

I’m hoping to make a salve for my daughter, she has some skin issues that I’ve heard could be helped with Calendula salve, which is one of the reasons I planted it, and it’s pretty! It’s doing really well, so I’m working on learning how to make it. I’ve watched several videos, read even more blog posts and am still confused as to weather or not I should dry my Calendula before I put it in the oil. It appears it depends on your preference. We found a fun book on Herbs at Tractor Supply yesterday, so I spent some time reading about the process and how to use several different types of salves, teas, oils, pills and more! A fun side road to wander down….oh land another road!! It’s fun to expand and explore!

Speaking of exploring, we happened upon a road side stand yesterday – imagine that–there everywhere these days! I didn’t realize who it was until we pulled up to their little driveway – I follow them on Instagram, but apparently I don’t follow them very well, because tomorrow is their grand opening–oops! Oh well, we had a good visit with the owners, bought some yummy things to try and Joe made a connection for raspberry plants! They have a beautiful stand, complete with refrigerator even. They’ve incorporated several different types of business’ in their stand from the county — flowers, cheese, candy, clothes, jams, coffee even. It’s a neat way to put things all in one spot. Of course, my brain is trying to process – how do they keep inventory, how do they know what’s selling, what’s been stolen, do they pay the vendors a whole sale price then mark up the prices, what if they get broken into – and the list goes on! It’s always fun to see what other people are to. It’s always nice to feel okay enough not to compare myself to what other people are doing also! That’s something that comes and goes – at times I’m at peace with what I’ve done and how I’m doing and other times I feel like I’m not good enough…human nature.

Speaking of not doing enough – my fields are still sputtering – or more like it – Summer seems to be sputtering. We suddenly got up to 84 degrees yesterday – yeah….we’ve been sitting in the low 70s, lots of rain and clouds…then suddenly bam 84! Geeze…..this ought to be interesting – because we are back at 70 something today, overcast and spits of rain…

Today is a big day, we go meet with the West Coast Pops owners, check out the space and make a plan. It’s less than a week away — am I going to have enough to meet the subscriptions, am I going to have enough to meet extra demands – nervous, but also confident that things will be just fine. It will be fun, and if it isn’t — we will always think it should have been.

I snapped a few pictures while out in the field yesterday.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Lisianthus blooming already at only 12 inches!
Stained Flower blooming at 10 inches….
My silly Eucalyptus & Lavender I planted via seed in January

Lavender planted via seed in January

My Black Tip Wheat looking great-so pretty! There will be more of this next year!

2 thoughts on “New Roads & Exploring

  1. Rabbits bit off 30 of my zinnias in the Cutting Garden last night! Of course, they didn’t bother the cheap seeded zinnias at all, but waited until I planted out the expensive seeded ones. And, I’d sprinkled repellent after planting, too. 93 degrees, windy and haven’t had rain in weeks…..


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