Be Still….

“Be still and know that I am God…” Psalms 46:10

Good morning, I hope today has greeted you with peace and comfort. I hope that your mind is settled, and you find positive energy to help you make it through the day 💖🌸💖

I went out to take some pictures this morning at 5 a.m., it was a bit chilly, but always worth it to capture the perfect lighting and the low fog banks above the fields.

I didn’t sleep well, scary dreams about violence and the unknown, but today’s sunrise brought me down a few notches. We do have some very horrible things going on right now in this world – but if taken in perspective of what the world has seen – honestly – the world has seen much, much worse. As long as there are humans that walk this earth, there will always be pain and strife, but as we become more civilized there is not nearly as much pain and strife as there once was.

Enough of that, I just might spark an argument….

I intended to discuss today’s gardens plans, which involved going out early and getting an early start at 5 a.m., but turns out that it is rather chilly and very wet out thanks to the dew, not very pleasant. I have meetings today from 9-12, then work to do, so hopefully I am not wasting my day inside, but alas, I am still collecting my paycheck, therefore, work must come first. Thankfully it is light until 9 now – hopefully be able to get something done after I finish up my day “at the office”.

Mostly it’s weeding, finding out what needs in-filling. I’ll work on little bites so I don’t get overwhelmed. Last weekend I weeded for a few hours, when I got up and out of the field I said to myself “well, I’m not doing this next year….” then I laughed outloud-of course I’ll do it again, but honestly it’s stressful seeing things just sit idle for so long waiting for the sun to come out. I have no idea if things are going to be tall enough, I have several Zinnia’s that are less than 2 inches tall already putting blooms on, my Cosmos are already putting blooms on at 1 foot tall, way to early to be doing that sort of situation. I have Celosia in the greenhouse already putting on blooms….they are just barley 14 inches tall, not nearly big enough for a market bouquet. I have four weeks….four weeks—- to have some sort of semblance of bouquets to put out, that’s not very far away! We have three days of sun this week, then back to rain. It doesn’t have to be four weeks, it can be five or six, but then that pushes the bouquet subscriptions into the school year, which is fine, I can switch my delivery date to Saturday with no problem, it’s just a matter of finding that button that reminds me–it will all be okay! There’s moments of panic that seem to drift in….but while out in the field looking for positive signs of growth, I seem to find that button–it will all be okay.

I hope you have found that button also, if not, slow down, stand still, looking around and find it, it’s all we have in these crazy times!

My Calendula & Honeywort are doing great
This sweet pea survived the winter by jumping out of the trough and nestling in! I had to let her grow & bloom!

Thanks for stopping by, hugs to you! Enjoy the rest of your week 💖🥰💖

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