Chasing My Tail – Or Not

Happy Sunday afternoon! I hope all is well in your little slice of this huge pie called Earth!

I’ve been enjoying some down time the last few days. I took Friday off for my birthday, and have been super relaxed about not doing much this weekend. It’s been very enjoyable to just let things go and just go with the flow and not be chasing my tail constantly. There will always be something that needs to be done, but it’s important to relax every once in a while also. The garden and house are here to serve us, not the other way around-it’s okay to let some things go and do something a bit more enjoyable-like visiting with family, crafting, napping, eating, learning new technology…

Speaking of new technology. I made a video of the garden today, if you are interested you can take a peek! (click on the blue letters!) As part of my “working from home” situation I’ve learned how to use the I-Movie app on my phone, so I played around with it a bit. You can also take a look here of what’s left in the greenhouse, there’s also a bit of a tour of the electrical. Both videos are on my You-Tube channel. Dorky but true – I have a YouTube channel….it’s for work – really, it’s totally work related with some fun stuff there too!

Obviously, as you can see from the video — the garden needs weeding….thankfully Joe can send the tiller down (when I say he can send it down, I mean he can push it down, too bad it isn’t one of those automatic roomba type things lol) the center rows and get the middle out, but the weather has been so wonky and getting out there to weed has been a bit tricky. I did weed rows 9 & 10 last week, but 7 — the Gromph row – is in desperate need of it, so hopefully I will get out there soon. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with the Gromphs being so uncertain, but I’m sure when I get out there and get down there, I will figure it out.

There are things that are still looking super shabby, and uncertain, but I’m having faith that they will pull themselves together and get with the program soon. This coming week is supposed to be a nice sunny, warm week, so hopefully a few more things will come back around.

I’ve certainly enjoyed my Spring flowers, I think perhaps I will put together a video of those flowers, complete with sound track of course & special effects lol – oh goodness, what kind of trouble did I start with the I-Movie app now!

I hope your weekend went well, and you were able to visit with those that you love, perhaps you visited the cemetery to honor those that have passed or you had a small family gathering at home – whatever you did, I hope it was enjoyable and relaxing. As always, hugs to you!

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