Empty Greenhouse = Full Fields

I’m not sure how it happened – but it did – my field is full! I didn’t get overwhelmed and want to cry this year….I think with working from home helped a bit, commuting to work (which isn’t a long commute by comparison to people living in Seattle)! I was able to do most myself, my husband and the neighbor kid did help for a few hours, and of course my husband put in the irrigation. So it wasn’t all me, and maybe the neighbor kid will be back to help with weeding, we’ll see how well I can keep up with it all! There are some dead spots, and there’s about 20 spots left in a 12 inch spacing, but I certainly have enough inventory to fill in the blanks, but I’m waiting to finish the 12 inch with some Celosia, I want it to be warmer and dryer before I put more out there. It’s rainy and chilly today, I found myself bumping up the heat in the house….the wind is back, and little rain drops are dripping outside. Granted it is only May 16th, but…I’m ready to see some color! Yes, I had the tulips, the lilacs and the peony’s….but all the Zinnias…and new to me flowers….I’m excited!!

My Petunias that I started from seed are finally showing their amazing colors. I know a few posts ago I thought perhaps I would do more of the nursery business end of things via plugs, but none of my stuff was blooming when everyone else’s was, I’m assuming that it is due to the fact that they were not kept warm and cozy, I just may leave those types of things up to the professionals. I did really well with what I’ve done, I should probably stick to what I know! Hahahaha, I laughed at that too! I know I’ll try something new next year!

An amazingly beautiful petunia!
I planted these allsym by seed too! So pretty & smells so good!

So far in the stand this year I’ve sold some things like Soapworts, Lemon Balm, Basil, Rose Mint, Tomatoes, Salvia, Sweet Peas, and probably several other things that are slipping my mind right now! I’ve recently added some Corn Cockle, Zinnia, Hollyhocks, and Salpiglossis, Amaranth and pumpkins! The Zinnias were very popular! Unfortunately I just noticed that the Hollyhocks are dwarf…ugg!! I was so excited to have them this year, I need to pay attention next year, maybe this will be one of those happy mistakes!? Maybe the short ones will be good in bouquets?

I’ve had to be a bit purposeful when marketing the seedlings in the stand. If I just list seedlings, people do not seem to be very interested. Once I posted pictures of what the seedlings turn into, sales picked up a bit more.

I had a delightful conversation with a lady via Facebook messenger today, she’s new to gardening and had no idea what any of this stuff was. We had a good conversation about annuals and perennials. I do not ever try to come off as an expert, but its fun to have the conversations and share what I do know. She sent a picture of what she thought might be a soapwort, but it was a tomato plant. I often take it for granted that I’ve been steeped so deeply in the world of planting thanks to my grandma, parents, and just my love of growing that not everyone knows things that seem simple to me. I told her to never hesitate to drop me a message if she had any questions. I’ve never met this lady, but anyone who is interesting in learning how to grow stuff is fun to chat with!

I did have some people drop me a message last week about starts they bought from me a few weeks ago, with reports of how well things are going and how much they enjoyed visiting the stand! It was fun to see pictures of my babies and know they are being loved!

I have managed to sell most of my inventory, I’m not sure I’ve mentioned here on my blog that I’ve sold all 10 spots of my flower subscriptions. I will be busy this summer, but I’m looking forward to getting my stems out of the field and into the hands of people eagerly awaiting them! I had a client text me and ask me if the flowers were starting this Friday – I was so scared to answer her — didn’t she read the information, what is she going to say when I say no?! Thankfully she is okay with it starting in 6 weeks – shew! And she is happy she will be getting 10!

Thankfully I haven’t had anyone complain about anything they have bought from me, just one lady chatting about how expensive the prices are and how far of a drive it is out here – I felt like giving her an ear full about how people are paying the prices I’m asking, and people are driving 35 minutes out here for the prices, and people talking about how lovely it is out here, but I held back and was polite about it! I know it’s going to happen….it takes all kinds of kinds to make this world go around!

I hope all is well in your part of the world – stay healthy and happy! Until next time my sweet flower friends – hugs to you & yours!

4 thoughts on “Empty Greenhouse = Full Fields

  1. Pictures definitely sell plants. And when I started taking credit cards, my sales quadrupled. It’s so easy now with Square, if you’re not already doing it, I’d look into it. The cost is minimal, but you do have to have internet available on site. The dwarf hollyhocks bloom earlier than the tall ones, but I’ve never tried them as a cut. Look forward to your results. I’m so proud of you!

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