Dear Mother Nature-Enough Already…

Okay, Mother Nature, we are done with the cold, rain, snow and wind. It’s time for the Sweet Peas to find their way to their new bed, it’s time for the tulips to come up and find the sunshine…! The snow you sent on April Fools day was funny — NOT! and the snow you sent yesterday was just you showing off…it’s time to let go and get passed this, it’s time for the true Spring to arrive.

I see that perhaps we are supposed to reach 60 by Wednesday next week, which happens to be the turn of the moon cycle. Does anyone else believe in the weather cycle having a connection to the moon cycle. At times it seems to be true, but then at other times, it isn’t at all. Maybe I just like believing in it because that gives me something to look forward to when we have a weather cycle that isn’t very pleasant to be outside!

Hope where-ever your corner of the world is- things will be turning the corner soon! I’m looking forward to more planting in trays in the greenhouse once it lets up a bit more. Even though my planting area is under cover, it’s in an old milk house with broken windows, so it’s cold and breezy in there if the conditions are such outside. At least I have a covered area, and at least there’s the green house I can go stand in when I need to warm up a bit.

I’m also looking forward to getting the Sweet Peas tucked in outside as well as the Snap Dragons. Speaking of which – notes on both of those….

  • I’ve sold well over 800 Sweet Pea seeds, it amazes me that they have been so popular! I’m almost sold out, thinking maybe I should keep a few extra just in case my 100 seedlings don’t quite make it!
  • The Snap Dragon seeds my friend gave me did so well this year – once again, I half-hardheartedly put them in trays thinking they wouldn’t sprout, but indeed they did, then I had to do the unthinkable and thin them. It hurt my heart to tug on those little babies, but the second and third day of thinning it wasn’t so difficult. I have never thinned before, I kind of did last year, but it wasn’t anything like this year. Not only did I thin, but I transplanted, and I’m amazed at how wonderful my Snap Dragon babies look-all 90 of them looking so happy and healthy! It worked out so well, I also went through and did that with my Verbena and my Lemon Bee Balm, so happy I did. Not only is each year different with the weather, but it’s also different with things I learn not only about my soil, but about me as a person and a grower.

Hope you are doing well. Take care, stay safe, until next time, hugs so tight that it takes your breath away….

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