Lowering My Expectations…

Not looking promising

I’m so embarrassed to say this…but I was suckered into thinking I could actually grow beautiful tulips. I bought it all, hook, line and sinker – swallowed it whole!! Took a dive and spent a decent amount of money on tulips & daffodils – not from the person that convinced me I could grow beautiful tulips, but in any case, I spent some money and dug a hole, and buried that money. Too bad I can’t just go dig up the money and get it back…

The tulips that arrived early to the party are D-E-A-D, burnt, crinkled, no-go…gone….I’m sure that the lovely week of 27 degree temps we had for six days, then the arrival of 35 mile hour winds for three of those days didn’t help at all. Ugg….I had visions dancing in my head of these gloriously lovely beautiful tulips that I could sell in my stand. Daffodils that could make you smile….but no…I don’t even think that is going to happen.

The season is certainly not over, and just because not everything is up, doesn’t mean it was a failure, but I’m highly disappointed right now at what has happened in the tulip patch as of today.

I’ve had my Ranuncs and Anemones in dirt since mid-February. Hiding in the garage on the freezer for two weeks, nothing was happening, then I hid them in the guest room for a few weeks. I went to check on them, discovered that they had decided to sprout, but there was no way that I could put them out in the cold – or the wind……so, they are STILL in that dirt.

As frustrated as I’ve been that the patch wasn’t ready for them….it was just as well, it was too cold for them and too windy. So now, hopefully, this week will be the last few days of temps dangerously low, and hopefully I can put them in this weekend or next week sometime?

On a different note….and a much more positive note — my greenhouse has a third shelf 🙂 I’m so very thankful and happy for that third shelf. Two flats of tomatoes moved up, as well as several flats of Gerbera Daisy’s and a few other things. I have more room to put move more up when I go to plant more Strawflowers tomorrow, and anything else that might be laying around that needs to be poked in dirt.

Third shelf for extra over-flow parking!!

Also, of great news – the sweet pea beds are IN!!! But the weather has been a bit of a show off-naughty two year old-being a pain in my rear! It’s dipping down to 33, I’m not liking the idea of my Sweet Peas getting nipped, nor my snap dragons. They are happy to move in and out of the garage on the two tables I have them on for now.

I hope all is well in your world! I’ve taken my garden gloves off for a bit and made some masks for a friend who works as a cook at the old folks home. I’m still trying to perfect my design to suit her needs. I’ve also been back at work via Zoom meetings with my co-workers and in contact with my students. That will start to pick up more now that we have some things in place. So, it hasn’t all been about plants as of late – a bit more well rounded, so I’m not all that horribly worn out.

Thanks for stopping by…until next time – hugs to you!

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