Snap Happy, Diversity, and a Menu

Good Thursday evening 🙂 I hope everything is well in your little nook of the world!

There hasn’t been a lot of planting going on, but certainly a ton of growing! The Bee’s Friend has some new and interesting leaves on it, the Sweet Peas are happy and healthy and the Petunias are looking fabulous! There is so many to look at, I feel like a new mom every time I go to check on them, there’s something new going on – and of course I have to snap a bunch of pictures! My poor husband – thankfully he puts up with it all rather well, things are not going to be changing any time soon.

Bee’s Friend
Sweet Peas

I have soooooo many more pictures of all the stuff I’ve planted so for – Wedding Bells, Balloon Flowers, Canterbury Bells, Verbna, Salvia and, and, and….

It was so difficult to choose what to plant, there is so much I want to see grow…..!! I’m looking forward to the garden being more diverse this year. Last year I had well over 150 Zinnias – only 4’ish different types, this year I will have at least 150 Zinnias, but this year it will be 10 different types. Last year I had well over 150 Cosmos – only 3 different kinds, this year I will have 25’ish of six different kinds. So, there’s clearly a shift – and I am very much looking forward to – but it is so difficult to have a seed packet of 100 seeds and only plant 12/15/18 of them….I am still limited on space as the green house still needs a ridge line closure and a few other things buttoned up – not to mention that its been a tad bit chilly. I think they would have been fine, but honestly, many of the things really don’t need to start going in until next weekend – then things get really nutty!

I made a super cute “menu” to hand out at local business’ so they know what I have to offer. I’m nervous and excited to take care of it, but don’t want to rush into anything just yet! I’ve decided I’m only committing to 10 subscriptions this year. I wanted 20 last year, this year I only had 4 and it kept me super busy! I will certainly load up the car with extra bouquets when I go to West Coast Pops for the pop up shop on Friday afternoons. The prices on my shop page reflect the fees that Paypal charges, these prices are for those who order directly from me. My first year customers get first year prices for believing in me!

I have a floral class coming up this weekend, I’m looking forward to playing with flowers and hanging out with a good friend!

Hope your week finishes off well, take care, enjoy your weekend and we’ll catch up soon!