The Right Tools & Sweet Pea Fever

Happy Sunday evening!

It was a chilly day today – and could have been a super messy day, but thanks to my new amazing rain coat & bibs it was a very pleasant day indeed! I even have new boots – it’s amazing how much of a difference the right tool makes!

I took care of washing a bunch of the flats from last year and cells. I’ve heard they can carry disease, but can they – I mean, they’ve been out in the cold and what-not, do they carry something that will kill my seedlings- just in case, I washed them in a bit of bleach water & rinsed them off. I put them in the greenhouse to dry out and wait it out for when I need them.

Joe was able to take care of a bunch of things on the greenhouse again today, and we even got a walk in! It certainly is nice that we are on the flip side of this winter situation! It was 5:30 when we were finishing up our walk, and it wasn’t even a rush to get it finished!

After looking through my Instagram page, Sweet Pea fever hit me really hard and won – so there’s 45 Sweet Peas in soil and on a heat mat. I also have Delphinims, Stock, and Bells of Ireland in soil! I’m up to about 600 – far behind many that I know, but also far ahead of others…we are all where we are…

I also did manage to get the Ranunculus & Anemones into soil also. There’s around 200’ish I think? I know there’s 80 Anemones…and 80’ish purple Ranunculus and 25’ish pink ones. How in the world I managed to get so many purple – who knows!!

I have an issue with leggy seedlings, so I unplugged the heat mats. The only issue with that is that the Lisianthus no longer have heat on them….but a lot of the seedlings are super leggy. I know it’s not the water issue, nor is it a light issue, the only thing I can figure out is that it’s too warm too fast – one of the draw backs of the wood heat, I think it will be just fine, but we will see how it goes.

If we get more decent weather I think I might be able to move them into the greenhouse by next weekend, that will help with the leggy-ness from the heat issue anyhow. Then I might have to be dealing with the light issue. It is certainly a constant, and a tricky balance, but it will all work out just fine! I know this, because last year I worried about all of this very same stuff, and everything turned out just fine – mostly!

According to my Instagram page I had blooms as early as late May – the exciting thing about this year, is I have lots and lots of double Tulips, beautiful Daffodils, Ranunculus, and Anemones that will be joining the party super early to launch the flower season.

Thanks you so much for stopping by tonight! Have a super week.

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