Missed Windows….

Happy Saturday night dear friends!

Things have been moving right along here at the ranch!

Lots put in soil, but not a lot of each one….about 15-25 of each (if there is multiple colors then there are 15-25 of those) I wanted more varity, it is so difficult to only plant 15-25 of each seed – I have so many seed – why can’t I plant them all!!??? Ahh…not enough time, energy or room!!

Lavender, Lisianthus, Lunaria, Petunia, Snap Dragon, Alyssum, Eucalyptus, Balloon Flower, Bee Balm, Bee’s Friend, Canterbury Bells, Chinese Lantern, Coleus, Hummingbird-Wedding Bells, Love in a Mist, Salvia, Toothpick Flower, Verbena, Geranium, Bachelor Buttons, Cress, and Gaillardia.

The Lisianthus certainly took her time, but she’s working on it!

I planted the Chinese Lantern for mom, they will not go into the ground, I will probably keep 10 of them and sell the others – if ten of them make it!

I’m surprised the Lunaira is doing so well…..but it’s been really warm the first few days after I planted them thanks to the wood stove heat warming the space up to 75 degrees. I didn’t plant my sweet peas yet, they don’t like to be too warm, so I’m waiting until the greenhouse is ready. I’m crossing my fingers for next weekend…time is ticking away – there is no way to turn back the clock. If you miss a planting window, it’s gone, no way to get it back. That seems to be a common theme lately, once a window has passed, there’s no way to get it back….some windows will reopen – next season perhaps, but some are closed forever.

Big news….is coming soon! I reached out to a local Whatcom County business to have a pop up flower shop on a weekly bases! Super excited about that opportunity! I will work more on an official start date and the rest of the information for the really big announcement. For now, I’m getting my Ranuculus and Anemone corms to go into soil this weekend. They will nestle down into the flats of soil until next weekend or so and then be planted out in the Tulip area as soon as they are pre-sprouted. I will plant my Freesia bulbs at that time also, hoping I haven’t missed a window!!! Those darn windows–gotta keep the eye on the calendar & be ready when they windows appear & be prepared to jump!!

Until next time friends….have a great week! Thanks for stopping by!

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