Spread Sheets, Plotting, Planning & Saying Goodbye

Happy New year my friends!! I hope it was an enjoyable holiday season for you all.

Sadly we said goodbye to Joe’s mom on Christmas Eve. Joe stated to me that she is free now; free of pain, free to do as she pleases, free of all of the rules here on Earth. She was 92, she was suffering, it was time – but that certainly doesn’t make it any easier to know she is no longer sharing our space here. We will miss her laugh, he stories, her sense of humor, her wisdom and her silliness!

Time marches forward, it’s not time to dwell, it’s time to look forward. Time to check the calendar to see what’s happening. Speaking of calendar – you should check out my shop – I have a beautiful calendar I made to celebrate my first year as a flower farmer! Be sure to grab yours while they are still around!

I’ve been working on my spread-sheets – officially there is 109 different types of seeds I will be planting. I think it might be a bit on the heavy side, but it’s certainly not as heavy as others. I need to not compare myself with others, they do not have the life I have, they do not have the space I have, they are not me – I am not them….but there are times when I do look around and wonder – why can’t I do more, why can’t I be better at this, why are they doing so well? I often tell my daughter – keep your eyes on your own paper, on your own life, stop comparing – I should take my own advice more often!

Alphabetical order & then reprinted in date order….I’m a geek!!

It’s helpful to have spread-sheets, it plots out the number of plants I can have, number of seeds I will plant and dates of when I will be planting. I also have a diagram of the garden, to know what goes where, what grows well alongside what and how much space they need. Honestly, I didn’t run out of flowers last year, I had a ton, I ripped out a ton at the end of the season, I mowed down over 75 Cosmos plants because they were taking over my space! It will be alright, I keep trying to remind myself of that when I’m trying to sleep – let it go Jade – it will all work out and be just fine.

I like the confidence that my first year has given me as a grower, I can only hope that the growing year of 2020 be as successful as 2019. We shall see how the weather goes. We are expecting extreme low temperatures (7 degrees Monday), high arctic winds (50 mph) and lots of snow (they keep changing the amounts….so no idea what will happen!)

I’m hoping to be better at designing and filling up bouquets this season, so I signed up to take a few floral design classes at the community college taught by a lady who has run a floral shop in our little town for over 25 years. It gives me a chance to meet new people, learn new things, play with flowers and grow more as a flower farmer. There is always room for improvement and growth.

I am going to diversify my income a bit more this year– I have the calendars, I have seeds to sell, I will have more seedlings, I planted tulips, ranunculus and daffodils, and I think I will change up my subscriptions a bit also. I also have a really neat idea that I will hopefully be unveiling this weekend – I’m super excited and proud of my idea – all my supplies are supposed to arrive tonight, so hopefully I can work on it soon!!

I hope you are all doing well – take care, stay warm and dry! Looking forward to spring time!! 51 days!!! How is this possible? I better get busy!!!! My goal is to begin planting February 1st this year. Just the tricky stuff to start with – lavender, eucalyptus, sage…that kind of thing, then Sweet Peas by the end of February. I will be sure to put up my calendar soon!

Thanks for stopping by! 💕💕

One thought on “Spread Sheets, Plotting, Planning & Saying Goodbye

  1. You are so organized! Looks like a good plan, and I’ll look forward to seeing your new unveiling. We’ve had only token snow this year, and warm temps. The crocuses are pushing up, but shouldn’t be this early. I’m thinking I should be getting ready to sow seeds, but I’m just not in the mood!

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