Time Is A Thief

As we sit by Joe’s mother’s bed side awaiting the end, I’m taken aback by the way her body has changed. Once a very spry & active woman, she now rests peacefully, in just a shell of what she once was waiting to go home.

Time marches onward and forward, no matter what we do to try and stop it….it creeps in and robs what it wants, ruthlessly, relentlessly and unwavering. Leaving in it’s wake, wrinkling skin, grey hair, brittle bones, weak muscles….

Sadly, nobody escapes the inevitable. Plastic surgery, hair dye, strange diets, the list goes on in search of the fountain of youth.

I often hear we only live once, but honestly we only die once friends, we live each day…if we are lucky enough to put our feet on the floor, it’s our job to live it to the fullest…which brings me to another topic that I’ve been pondering-our debt to our ancestors, but I will save that for another day…

Time is not only a thief, but it’s also a giver. It does give us memories, it does afford us experiences with loved ones, it is the most precious gift you can give a person—your time. As the holidays settle in upon you & your home, please consider giving some of your time to those around you, because it goes quickly and often times painfully.

Thanks for stopping in, have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year 💕🌸💕

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