‘Tis the Season….in life….

I’ve often heard, and fully believe that life is like a year long journey; we have Spring (our early years), we have Summer (our amazingly fun years) Autumn (where things settle in and are great), then there is Winter (where things slow and come to an end).

I’m currently approaching my Autumn, maybe I’m in a bit of denial, I’ve probably been in it for a while! I’ve been enjoying my Autumn immensely, but sadly that means my parents are in their Winter.

We had a bit of a scare with mom over the last week, nasty fall, no broken bones, but she was on blood thinners, and was bleeding into her soft tissue. Thankfully we were able to bring her home after several days in the hospital, she is mostly out of the woods, but holy Moses, life is so fragile- mom – not so much, she’s still a fighter and doing really well and very motivated to keep fighting!

Joe and I spent a great deal of time with her at the hospital, talked with her doctors and nurses, looked for answers to what was happening and what we needed to do for her. It can be a lot of work, but usually things worth doing, are just that – a lot of work.

With my dad already passed on, the thought of losing mom can be terrifying at times, so much to do still, so much to learn and talk about, who am I going to call when I need help with dealing with my kids? Or call when I see something funny, or tag when there’s something about goofy moms on Facebook? She knows she is loved, and she is well taken care of by those that love her.

On the flip side, my kids are in their Summer. I’ve been enjoying them as adults, it’s been heart wrenching at times, but mostly it’s been a joy to see them grow up – have babies, relationships, buy houses, get jobs, and go back to school.

Not too long ago I found myself standing in the middle – looking back at my Summer – where my kids were – looking forward to my parent’s entering their Winter – talking stock in what was happening in my life and where I was heading. I made some major changes at that time, had some major epiphanys, realized I was not heading in the direction I thought I was, decided it was time for a change. I suppose that is what they call a mid-life crises, it’s not a cliche by accident, it’s a thing – it’s the middle check point….it’s time to figure things out, we’ve lived and hopefully learned…. those that are brave enough make adjustments to their sails and head for a different destination.

Maybe this is why I like to garden, see the seasons, feel the ebb and flow of life, nurture something that starts off as a spec of dirt into something beautiful, the bitter sweet of it’s life cycle coming to an end, but also giving life and hope with the seeds it leaves behind.

Maybe this post is too deep for a Friday? I’ll stop rambling.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all have a great weekend. Hug somebody you love today, tell them how special they are and how important they are to you, or give that person a call that you haven’t talked to in a while – before it’s too late. Much love….chat soon….

3 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season….in life….

  1. Ridge

    Yep, I hear you! I’m in my “winter”, which seems SO odd, ‘cause I’m still only 25 in my head. But my body definitely has a different timetable! Seems no matter what you do to offset aging, it still happens….go figure! So glad your Mom is ok, we old people fall, it’s a fact. And by the way, you ARE special and loved and you can call me any time! Xxxooo

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