Not time to go yet….but we are heading in that direction! All the gardens are cleaned & ready for winter! This is the first year Joe has been able to take care of this task so early. The weather has been very generous and we’ve had help from our niece Starla, so things have been moving along nicely.

The pumpkins & Gourds didn’t do super well this year, nor did the sunflowers I direct seeded-however-they were both planted super late, so I’m going to write it off as late planting, and try again next year, putting seeds in sooner if possible.

I’m hoping to start the Gourds in the greenhouse, but we will see how things go next year.

For now, I’ll continue to look at seeds, do some research, learn about the flowers I hope to try, and go from there.

Floret sent out a video on tulips, I find it interesting she & as I’ve discovered, many others discard the bulbs when the harvest the flower. My operation doesn’t require that level of storage, so I’ll be keeping my bulbs. I’m only planning on planting 170 bulbs, if I decide to sell, give away or just enjoy in my kitchen, there’s no need to pull them up & store the flowers -with bulb attached, they’ll be plenty of takers for just flowers so we can enjoy them again next year!

With the soil in the garden areas being sloggy in the winter, we decided to improvise on the tulip bed location, in hopes of being able to tuck them in and let them do their thing on their own.

We decided to tuck them in the side field area near the septic mound. It’s a bit away from the house, but the field isn’t as sloggy, and the mound will protect them from the North winds. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Hopefully it will work out. I’m concerned the winter will be cold, with the start of it being down in the 20’s, but I have no control over that situation 🙄.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope your Monday has been a good one, have a great rest of your week! 🥰💕🥰

Tulip bed ready for their arrival tomorrow night!!
Main garden is cleaned out & tilled
Sunflower bed is cleaned up & tilled

2 thoughts on “Ready….Set….

  1. I will be interested to read what changes in your operation you plan. Enlarging? Different flower varieties? Different colors? I thought the bouquets you made were just gorgeous! I’m planting 800 tulips with no plans for selling or cutting! Just for joy!


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