Mean While….Back at the Ranch….

Truth be told, we haven’t been at the ranch for two weeks 😌 we’ve been enjoying a Mediterranean Cruise around the Greek Isles and visits to different ports in Italy.

It was full of warm sunny days, salty water, sandy beaches, lots of hiking around (about 60 miles total), relaxation, learning, exploring and having a great time together! I’m working on a sister blog to the Double J Flower Ranch, it will be for pictures & stories about our travels, I’ll post a link soon!

I’ve noticed a few of you have been checking in here & on Facebook and have even gotten a few messages! Thank you to our loyal supportive customers, family & friends! 🥰. I’m looking forward to next growing season & sharing more flowers next year!

We’ll be putting a few things in the stand by Sunday afternoon, goodies to get your house decorated for the season & put some food in your tummy! The beets sold well last time, so we’ll put more out as well as carrots & shelling beans. I’m hoping to put more sunflower bird feeders out too, but alas I can’t do it until next weekend-I have a real job I need to get back to!

Stop by & check out the mini pumpkins, pop-corn on the cob and whatever else might be hiding in the gardens!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you had a wonderful week 💕🥰💕

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