A Week of Giving

I decided to take a week to find people to give flowers to. I’ve been thinking of this ever since I picked my sister up from a dentist appointment several months ago. The dentist does work for people who do not have much money, often times these places tend to give sub-par services and not very much respect or kindness to people in need of their services…..this dentist was not this way. He was very kind and respectful to my sister and her needs. I wanted to show him my appreciation, but it’s not like I have a ton of money to pay him for the services he gave my sister, so I thought a huge bouquet of flowers would be nice as a show of appreciation. I put it on my calendar, several months out – wondering – “how many flowers will I even have to show this person how much I appreciate all he’s done for the community?”.

The flowers I collected for him and his office barely fit into my bouquet sleeve…..it was well received and very much appreciated. I also left a hand written note with it, he was busy with a client when I arrived but his front office staff took it with many thanks.

I also decided that the local auto shop needed flowers, mostly, the wives of the crew down there needed to have flowers to show how much we appreciate them taking such good care of the crew so they in turn can do a great job taking care of people in the community. My husband and I have witnessed them working with customers who are unable to afford their services doing their best to accommodate for their clients. They’ve worked with my mom on several occasions, as well as my daughter.

The tire guy across the street also has a wonderful sweet wife, so I delivered to him also. He’s also taken great care of the community and works with people who are unable to afford his services.

I also took some time to deliver flowers to my mom’s neighbor, she has watched over mom, made friends with her and has been very kind. I’m happy that mom has a friend next door that she made a connection with, it’s important to have someone to chat with, share with, and look after. They are good for each other.

I took some time to deliver flowers to my sister, who lives about an hour away. She’s been working hard towards a lofty goal of retiring early, took on a second job and has a clear map of what she wants to do by the time she is 55. I took mom down, brought down a lunch and sat and had a meal with her, and then she took us around on a little tractor to show us around the place she has been spending her Friday’s for the last few months. It was neat to spend time with her, see the place where she’s learned so much about plants, chemicals, and made a few connections.

My final bouquet of the week was to my sister-in-law for her birthday. She has been so very welcoming to me joining this family a year ago today, so very thoughtful and encouraging. I wanted to let her know she is special and I appreciate her very much.

I’m lucky to have my flowers to share with people, Lord knows I have plenty! I’m sure I will find more people to give to, I enjoy sharing, I enjoy giving. Joe & I are a lot of alike in this arena, we both know we’ve been blessed, and it brings us great pleasure to share when we can. We don’t have much either, but we do have enough and that is a good place to be.

We celebrate our first wedding anniversary today, I’m so thankful he chose me to share the rest of his live with. Happy anniversary sweet Joe.

2 thoughts on “A Week of Giving

  1. Nancy

    Happy Anniversary to both of you! So nice to meet Joe and some of your families. Gorgeous arrangements you shared! You are an amazing lady, so glad I know you thanks for sharing your amazing pictures!

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