Big Picture…Small Picture

So sorry for taking forever to post! I’m so happy you’ve stopped by for a visit. I know a few of you have followed me on Instagram and Facebook and have been seeing pictures of this and that, I wanted to take a few minutes to put the entire picture together for those who were interested!

We’ve officially finished putting everything into the ground! May was a very busy month, with Mother’s day, my birthday, BBQ’s, soccer games, doctors appointments, camping trip, my adult job, and grand-babies!

A few of my flowers are one&done type, so I’m considering planting some Zinnia’s by seed in the greenhouse and having them ready to fill up the empty spots once the Orlaya, Stock, Corn Cockle & Amaranth are finished. I need to purchase more dirt – if you had told me 25 years ago that I would be BUYING dirt, I would have laughed at you – who buys dirt – it’s free?! This girl buys dirt, to start seeds in, because it’s the best way to start seeds….

So far, I’ve filled a few of my spots for the flower subscriptions, I have some maybe’s from a dentist office, they are waiting for me to bring in a sample, I think that will happen Friday. We put an ad in the local growers magazine, so the spots may fill up quickly or not! Either way, it’s my first year, I don’t need to bust open the subscription slots, I’ll take it as it comes! It will all work out!

Thanks again for stopping by, I hope your week is going well. Below you will find pictures of the place, one big snapshot, then the close up of each area. I hope these make you smile!

I’ve added a few more pictures in my photo gallery too…. but if you’ve been following me on Instagram or FB you’ve probably seen them already!

Until next time….enjoy the sun!

I took a panoramic of the growing space. To the left….greenhouse, middle is the main garden, then a row of a few apple trees, and the rose patch, then the arch way, then the sunflower patch….
Green house in it’s final resting place…until the barn rebuild in several years…
Main garden area, 83 Dahlia’s, 108 Glads in the front, veggies in the middle, then the flower garden in the back 120 feet by 25 feet
Main garden from the back
50 foot patch with 25 feet of arch way, 18 different kinds of plants – 4 types of beans, several kinds of gourds, cantaloupe, and 2 kinds of cucumbers. At the end of the arch is the pumpkin/gourd patch – zucchini, Hubbard squash, spaghetti squash and several Halloween pumpkins
Sunflower patch has 5 different kinds of sunflowers and a 48-foot row of sweet peas, we also planted three different kinds of gourds….I had extra seeds…what else was I supposed to do!?
48-foot row of Sweet peas in the sunflower patch
This year I filled the trough up with sweet peas (I needed to put them someplace!) Lily’s, a Hollyhock (i think), sage and strawberry’s came back from last year!
Our rose patch, with the apple trees in back, the roses look a little sad in this picture, but they did really well this year!
We put netting over the cosmos to help hold them up if they get too heavy. I think we will do more rows with the netting, but I’m not sure yet what really needs netting. The stems on the cosmos are amazingly strong….we’ll see!
Now I know why they call this Cosmos Cupcake Blush…it looks & feels like a cupcake liner!

One thought on “Big Picture…Small Picture

  1. Ridge

    WOW! 48’ of sweet peas, I’m sooooo envious. I have 2 little planters full……I need a farm!!! Oh but wait, I’m too old now! 🤪


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