How Do You Measure Success

Happy Tuesday night! I hope your Mother’s Day weekend was positive & enjoyable.

Mother’s day weekend met us with a lot of errands, doing for other’s, and little rest – but it was all worth it in the end.

Before our weekend even began we were sipping sweet tea on Thursday night overlooking the garden. I had just spent many, many hours on my hands and knees putting in 426 seedlings. More than a few times I found myself wondering what in the world was I thinking when I came up with this size of a garden! At one time I was almost in tears – was this EVER going to end!!

As we sat there, we were discussing what success looks like. He asked me how I would know if my new venture was a success.

I had to stop and think about it for a few minutes. For a lot of people, it’s about money – is there a positive cash flow, did you earn it all back that you put in, are you getting paid for your time, are there things that could make it run smoother and be more profitable?

I’ve had thoughts about someone showing up and handing me $2,000 for my entire crop….but then I would be left with nothing to show for it….not one flower….where’s the fun in all of that?

But it’s not all about money….it’s about passion, it’s about putting all this time and energy into seeing if I can do it, if I can grow strong – healthy – bright flowers. For the love of growing….

For me, success could be measured by how many flowers survived my seeding, how many survived my transplanting, how many survived the weather, my watering, my weeding, my tending to them….money can buy a whole lot, but it can’t buy everything!

Money is nice too, but it’s certainly not the end!

With all of that being said, I’ve taken down the post that I had up on Facebook, my daughter and my husband are concerned about having the address out there for all to see – mostly because it’s on the honor system and advertising that on multiple pages on FB can lead to some not so savory characters showing up only to take the money box, not to actually buy my starts. It was good to advertise, but now that the word is out, they suggested I take off the information and let word of mouth take it from here. We will see if there is anything left in the cash box by the time I make it home tonight! I didn’t say I wanted to give my money away!!!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great rest of your week. Happy planting! 💕🥰💕

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