Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day

My seedlings are taking FOREVER to plant….like taking over an hour for me to do one row – granted it is 163 (or 100 if it’s the 12 inch spacing) but man, I feel like I’m a turtle in peanut butter when it comes to planting these babies. I have 10 rows….TEN…..that’s ten hours of planting….

A few things to remember…..Rome wasn’t built in a day….the seeds were not planted in a day, these seedlings have not grown over night…

It took several weekends, several hours each weekend to get the seeds in the dirt….it’s taken 5 months for some of these to grow just five inches…

I’m not regretting doing so many ~ (yet) ~ ask me mid July, late August if I regret doing over 1,400 seedlings….

It’s part of the process – for the love of growing…’s all part of the process. My husband says enjoy this stage, this too shall pass, spend the hours and enjoy the peace. It’s not painful, my back doesn’t hurt (for very long), the bruises on my shins will clear up, I can eventually straighten up after I unfold myself from my the kneeling position, my finger nails will grow back….for the love of growing.

Hope you are having a great Wednesday! Crossing my fingers I will have bloom pictures to show in as early as 30 days perhaps?! 🌻🌼🌻

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon. 🥰❤️🥰

5 thoughts on “Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day

  1. Ridge

    I feel your pain….multiply your age by 2 and that’s where my body is at. It took 4 full days to weed our elderly neighbors yard…her kids don’t do it. we were done by last Friday. My body has still not recovered!

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  2. Give yourself little rewards at the end of each row! And just keep thinking how lovely it will be in a few weeks. And be thrilled that you CAN plant! It’s still too muddy to plant in the Cutting Garden, or any garden except raised beds here.

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