It’s Happening

Yup that’s me with a BIG SMILE on my goofy face!  I’m holding my 60 day old Godieta plants getting ready to settle them into their new home – where they are going to grow up to give ME some pretty flowers!  

We had a long day Saturday getting everything ready for the garden so we were able to actually put the plants in the dirt.   Landscape fabric needed measuring, cutting, burning, and installing.

Before we could install it – we had to put in the irrigation first, which needed measuring, cutting, poking and pulling!

So, step-by-step, hour by hour …. we put one foot in front of the other and got some things accomplished!!  

In the first row is 81 Godetias (only 20 of them are big and tall, the other ones range in age from 30 days, to 2 weeks, I planted them at different times to see how staggering the planting times would change the bloom times) and 82 Strawflowers (also staggered planting times).  The strawflowers will last a long time – they can be dried and saved for this winter for crafts, or they can go to good homes for someone ELSE to do crafts with!

The second row holds Corn Cockle, Chinese For-Get-Me-Nots, Orlaya, and Stock.  Also at different ages and stages.

Not only are our lives filled with real adult jobs, but we have family and friends we like to visit with, so as of right now, there are only two rows in, but more will be put in as the week goes on.  Hopefully tomorrow after my niece’s soccer game I will have enough energy to put in a row, maybe two on Tuesday after work, maybe one Wednesday after another soccer game, hopefully two after work on Thursday, hopefully more to follow. 

The first row was a tough one – we are still learning.  We discovered that the bulb planter works really well for getting a hole ready for the plant – unfortunately we didn’t discover this until I was almost done with the first row!  But Joe came out to help, and it went much faster!  

We are both exhausted – I know I used my body in ways it hasn’t been used in several months, since we put the garden to best last fall – so it’s been a while since this body has done all this bending, kneeling, pulling, shoveling….but it will be worth it!  It’s good for my body to move and get exercise.   Joe was able to outpace me, his job keeps him moving all the time, he’s used to the physical part!

The weather has been nice – heating up the greenhouse to warm up the tomatoes, peppers and basil!  And heating the ground enough to make the transplants super happy!!

We both got a lot of sun on Saturday, a bit red from a few good hours under the sun – working on the farmers tan!!

Friday night I came home and installed 82 Dahlia’s and 108 Gladiolus in the front portion of the garden.  The middle portion will be the actual food part, and the last bit is the cut flower garden portion.    

I hope you had a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by, have a great week, see you soon.

The landscape fabric will act as a weed blocker….we hope!!

Row one…Godetia & Strawflower plants
Row 2 – Orlaya, Corn Cockle, Chinese Forget me not, Stock

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