Kicked Out….

Happy Sunday evening!

I’m a bit behind on blogging – I took last week off due to Easter 🙂 and this weekend was spent with time with mom and time in the yard & of course the darn greenhouse!!

A good deal of weeding, transplanting a few things in the greenhouse, poked more seeds in dirt, moved things around, transplanted 2 Rhododendrons, (Rock Rose & Tortoiseshell) and a little Lavender. I put some Liatris in the garden too. There are a lot of volunteer Sunflowers popping up – not sure what I’m going to do with all of them!

Last weekend we planted 3 new Lilacs we purchased with a gift certificate that we got from a good friend for our wedding. One of them is called SweetHeart – very fitting for a wedding present! The old Lilacs are starting to bloom, the look great and smell even better!

My daughter found an old chicken feeder in her barn – it’s an eight foot long chicken feeder! I took it with plans of doing something with it, when I brought it home, Joe was excited to make brackets for it and put it on the side of the greenhouse as a planter box. I filled it up with a few petunias, and geraniums. I’m not entirely sure how they are going to do, they look a little rugged, but they often do when they are transplanted, I’ll give them a few days.

My sweet peas have been kicked out of the greenhouse, they are sitting outside the greenhouse on the ground – waiting…..for the garden to dry up a bit! I have to find bonemeal and compost to put in the trench before we plant them. I have no idea what it means when they say compost, I know my numbers were all really good when we had the soil test, the only thing they recommended was Nitrogen – so I’m unsure of what that means….everything I read says I need to fertilize once things are planted, but do I – since my soil is at good levels?

My Orlaya is going crazy, it needs to go into the ground ASAP!! My Godieta’s look amazing! My Queen Annes lace is also looking really darn good too!

Now, the hard part comes – putting in the ground and getting them to give me flowers. Crossing my fingers that I don’t kill everything. Hoping that day will be next weekend….please!!

Hope you are all doing well! Thanks for stopping by!! ❤️🥰❤️

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