Growth, Strength, Bounty

A very productive weekend! I have two new shelves in the greenhouse – and they are full already!!

Lots more flower seeds in soil – and even some peppers & tomatoes.

My 32 seed packet order from Peaceful Valley Garden Supply in California arrived yesterday. To my surprise, there was double of everything. I think there was a glitch in their computer system. I called them to let them know, she tried to argue with me, but finally she seen that there was an error on their side. They are calling me back Monday to let me know what they want me to do with the extra seeds.

I’m going to try to convince them that they could have me donate them to a non-profit child care that works with a lot of at risk foster kids who are planting a garden this summer. The kids enjoy growing flowers and food, they enjoy the work in the garden and it’s a great way for them to see where their food comes from and try new foods.

It would be a really neat bounty for the day care if the company is willing to donate the seeds! We will see how it goes tomorrow,

I managed to get 600 or so more seeds in the ground this weekend. I also transplanted my Honeywort this afternoon. I just peeked in on them, and I swear they have grown another inch since I transplanted them! I’m so relived they are doing well, I thought perhaps I wasn’t cut out for this after the issues with the carnations.

Speaking of carnations, it appears they are doing better. They are stronger and straighter. It’s encouraging to see them turn around. I also noticed that some of the sweet peas that appeared to be not doing well, are putting on new growth from below, so that’s great news also.

It’s just great that winter is behind us now, looking forward to warmer temperatures and putting things in the ground.

We still need to do another till, the greenhouse still needs the fans installed and electrical hooked up. We need sand, need to burn the holes in the fabric, apply the nitrogen to the soil, , order Earth staples, order soaking hoses, go through the Dahlia tubers to see what’s made it through the winter…..and probably a bunch more things that I’m forgetting!! But we will get to it. It will all get done…

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