Pretty Food

While I was out of town the last few days, Joe was left watching the little seedlings. Apparently the cats had gotten inside the greenhouse and tipped over one of the trays full of little ones, but Joe tucked them all back in and picked up what he could.

Honestly, I can’t even tell which ones were tipped over! Things are growing well! Lots of Zinnia’s, Cosmos, Queen Anne’s Lace, Corn Cockle, Orlaya, Amaranth, my and a few others I’m forgetting right now! My Honeywort is doing amazing-I’m hoping to get more soon!

The carnations that I transplanted last weekend seem to have a few that survived. Not many, but something….I’ll have to take an inventory soon. The Basil isn’t doing very well either, oddly the stuff I planted last weekend – the “free” seed pack of Cinnamon Basil isn’t doing much of anything, but it’s possible it’s just taking it’s time. It might also be that we haven’t had a heat mat on it, so it might be a bit slow to emerge.

Even though the green house isn’t quiet complete, the seedlings have been hanging out on fold up tables inside. We haven’t been putting on the heat mats or the lights since mid-week due to the warmer temps during the day and the fact that logistically it would be difficult to do.

I finally received my order from Burpee – it took a bit longer than I expected. After reading the seed packets and some heavy consideration, I’ve decided not to plant the petunias this year. I’ll probably still buy some to have some for the patio, but they should have been put in the dirt six weeks ago – I don’t want to waste the seeds. I see that the other things that I ordered also say I should have put them in the dirt a while ago, so it might be that I do not plant the other stuff this season, but we will see what happens next weekend. As Joe pointed out, it’s only 8 months before I can put them in dirt, so it’s not all that long from now. I just need to be sure to store them in a cool dry place. Some of my seeds came in tins from Floret Flower Farm, so I’ll tuck away my seeds in there for safe keeping.

I have several things lined up this week, so it’s not looking good for much of anything getting done this week for the garden. I’m looking forward to next weekend, when I can get out there and take inventory of what’s going on.

Joe is thinking he will have some time this week to finish up the greenhouse benches and put in the fans. It will be nice to have things ready to go for when my Spring Break comes next week. I will plant more Zinnia’s & whatever is on the docket for the next planting.

It looks promising for our 3rd tilling this week, then we can get the sweet peas in over my Spring break perhaps.

I’ve also decided on an arch to plant the little pumpkins, beans, tomatoes, and other things that will grow on a trellis. It’s possible I may have picked some things out to grow that will look neat in pictures as opposed to actually planting things to eat & store for the winter months – but I’m not admitting to anything! I may have ordered a few “rainbow” varieties of several different kinds of food – peppers, carrots, and even tomatoes – sounds pretty & hopefully will be tasty too!

Lots to take care of still – finish the greenhouse walls, install the fans, install the rest of the screen door (the stopper things), get rock for the floor, move it to it’s final resting place, sand for the gardens, apply the nitrogen for the garden, lay down the fabric, put holes in the fabric, make the arch trellis’s for the gourds & such, and so on!

Then the work begins of transplanting all the little kids that I’ve been growing!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend – enjoy the last week in March, it will be April in a blink of an eye!

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