Social Experiment

Goodness, starting up a business can be tricky. How does one go about doing this in the age of social media?

I’ve invited well over 100 of my “friends” to like my Double J Flower Ranch Facebook page….I have around 50 or so that have liked it. Which is great, it was kind of my friends to like my page. They do say over invite people to your parties because only about half will be able to make it.

I’ve also posted on a few of my group pages, one of them being a local gardeners page….no body… from that page has tagged any friends….I think I’ve had 7 people like the post, but no body has tagged anyone. Does this mean these people have no friends, they don’t know how to tag friends, or it’s too confusing, or I’ve done something wrong…?

One person asked me where the business is located, stating that she had never heard of me….she liked the actual post, but instead of tagging friends she asked where the business was. I explained my business a bit, but forgot to answer her question in my response, she immediately came back with the question as to where my business was located. I’ve not posted my address yet, as of right now I feel that those that want to know, can email me or private message me if they want my physical address right now. I wonder if this is odd….? I sent her a private message with that information, but….no answer, and she didn’t tag any friends.

I also posted on my Instragram page, I’ve had several people like the post, only two people actually followed directions.

So, I’ve set up the blog, the Facebook page, the Instagram page – everything looks great….do my big launch as a give away…and here I am….crickets! Just a few faces, a few very loyal amazing friends who have been there and my mom!! Thank you mom for trying & for hanging in there with me. I’m not even sure either of my sisters have been here, and certainly neither of my children have shown much interest in anything I am doing these days. Everyone is busy, everyone has things to deal with….

But never fear, I will figure this out, I will straighten up my crown, pull myself together and figure this out and keep moving forward.

It took me a few days to shake it all off, sort it out, and readjust my focus – which is my garden & my seedlings right now. I’m super excited the weather is getting better, and I actually have lots growing! I’ll be poking more seeds in soil this weekend!

I will order some business cards once there is more growing, place an ad in a local gardening newspaper, and follow a suggestion of starting up a Pinterest page for the business also.

As usual, my husband is reassuring. We’ve had discussions on being careful how successful the garden gets, how much work I want to take on, and how long it takes to grow a business. It’s only been three months. Patience sweet girl, it will be okay!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Social Experiment

  1. Do you actually have anything to sell at this point? Do you want people dropping by unannounced, because they will if you give a physical address. You are creating a little buzz, which is good, but until you have product to ship or deliver or display, it may not be wise to push hard at the moment. Don’t be discouraged…..

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