Rushing It?

I planted 40 seeds yesterday, wondering why I’m planting so early, and if things are going to work out. According to the packet, the CFMN will be ready by May 20th…..the garden might just be ready to start planting by then, certainly not established by then….

The land is unworkable until it dries up & warms up, which often times isn’t until late April, there has to be two tillings and the application of Nitrogen.

I will do a second seeding in a few weeks, putting that batch ready late June, Early July. We’ll just see how it all goes, and just go with the flow.

They are just seeds, $3 seed packets….it will be okay.

There will be losses….there will be mistakes made – the fat cat just might lay on ANOTHER flat (I’m still not sure the Bells Of Ireland are going to make it through that disaster!)

There was mention of a $3,000 french curtain drain, pipes, sand and lots of moving dirt around….but how far down that road do we really need to go for a garden full of flowers?

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