Bells of Ireland & Carnations

Good evening! After a lovely breakfast and visit with my mom and daughter I manged to get a few more seeds in the dirt! So exciting!

101 Bells of Ireland and 48 more Carnations, a second planting of carnations from 3 weeks ago were just promoted to a new growing lamp.

You can scoot over to my other page 2019 Flowers Attempted for the full details of the plantings today – and catch up on how things are going with the prior plantings.

4 thoughts on “Bells of Ireland & Carnations

  1. I grew the “Orange Sherbet” carnations and they were lovely and have come back now for 3 years. Bells of Ireland were always tricky…needed richer soil and more water so I never got tall beautiful stalks, just short ones. Stock is a cool weather crop that I always seeded during the first 2 weeks of Feb for Zone 5. Love the fragrance and the colors are luscious. Your garden should be gorgeous!

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    1. Do you keep the seeds and restart the carnation, or are they self seeding and you know what they look like so you don’t pull them up when you are weeding? Our soil test came back as being high in everything but nitrogen, so I’m hoping by adding nitrogen it will be rich enough…! I may have lots of color, but short flowers! Time will tell!!


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