Desperately Seeking Light

The sweet peas were transplanted in the living room last night, they were outgrowing their tiny planters! It’s amazing the power that seeds have, how alive they can be! All reaching for the light from the double doors to the frozen patio.

The ones in this picture are ones that haven’t been transplanted yet!! I have to go back out to the frozen milk house turned garden shed to fetch more 4inch pots. We have a snow day from work again tomorrow, so there will be more gardening shenanigans in the living room. Thankfully my husband is 100% on board with all this!!

Hopefully they can survive the cats curiosities šŸ± so far two of the seedlings have fallen victims šŸ˜”, we’ll see how they cope.

My son is thinking the sweet peas will be six feet tall before they make it to outside planting season. He might be on to something, I’ll hold off on doing my second planting for another 3 weeks.

We’ve had a fire in our wood burning stove today, it’s warmed the house up to76, I’ll move them back to the laundry room before I head to bed tonight, 76 might be a little too warm!

Has anyone else started plants inside, only to have them grow too quickly for their own good?

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