Mystery Seeds in Unexpected Places

It’s not a big mystery ((any longer)) as to what the seeds are – the mystery is HOW they got where they are currently thriving!

Originally I didn’t know what they were!

My husband and I have some very interesting Theories as to how they arrived.

One of them involves mice wearing cloaks & masks, scurrying to and fro dropping sunflower seeds along the way.

Another one of them involves sneaky kids trying to be “helpers”.

I even accused him of picking up sunflower seeds from the bird seed scattered about on the patio and tucking them in the dirt!

At any rate – they are without a doubt sunflower seeds, not rouge sweet peas that I accidentally placed in the wrong tray!

Oddly tray 3 has no sunflowers, and the tray is lagging a bit behind, I’m assuming it’s slower growing because it wasn’t as warm where it was in comparison to where the other two were when they first came to rest in the laundry room.

So, anyhow, everything is growing-still in the laundry room, with heat mats & a regular grow light hanging over top.

They look great!

According to Floret’s book, sweet peas need to have deeper pots (I missed that tip along the way!) so I need to replant soon.

And the sunflowers need new pots too!

The laundry room is going to run out of room soon, hopefully this crazy cold snap (high today was 21) will be over soon so we can get the greenhouse up and running.

I’ll have to make the switch slow, harden them off to the greenhouse so they don’t go into shock!

I’m wondering if other people have had mystery seeds growing in unexpected places……

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