Winter Finally Arrives!

It’s Annie’s second winter! She loves snow!!

When I talk about micro-climate, this is what I mean.

Our friends to the South (Bellingham, 20 miles away) are getting snow, but not frigid winds that come out of Frazer Valley.

We had an ice storm that lasted five days last year. It was beautiful and amazing to see blades of grass encased in an inch of ice, but also devastating to the orchard, as well as a whole road of power lines five miles north of us!!

It took a large portion of our transparent apple tree along with several smaller portions of the other apple trees.

On the flip side, from what I’ve heard, and witnessed last year, ice storms like that promote amazing cherry seasons-we had a ton of cherries last year!!

Hope everyone is staying warm & dry! I think I’ll be puttering around in the sewing room today!

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