Maybe I’m Not Cut Out For This….

I walked into the laundry room this morning to check on my babies….I made a horrible scoffing noise.

My husband was standing behind me and told me that I should be nicer to them, because they know what I’m saying to them.

I was super careful with my seeds – at least I thought I was. I did have two little ones helping me, but I’m pretty sure I was super careful.

If this is me being super careful, then Lord knows what it’s going to be like when I plant the other 25 or so other kinds of seeds!

What’s the big deal? The sweet peas are growing in the carnation flats…sweet pea seeds are large, and not easily mistaken for anything other than a sweet pea – how could this have happened?

I have no idea-honestly I thought I was super careful.

Anyhow..since something was growing & growing well….

I decided to move all the seed flats on top of the washer and dryer, the seed flat that was on top of the washer was popping up seeds sooner, so I thought moving them all over might speed things up until I get my warming mats – crossing my fingers for this afternoon!

One a slightly better note, there is indeed one little carnation popping up, it’s all good news – something is growing – that’s all that matters when you come right down to it!

The pink markers mark the Floret Farm seeds, the ones that are not marked are sweet pea seeds I harvested from my garden at the end of last season. Crossing my fingers they come back!

3 thoughts on “Maybe I’m Not Cut Out For This….

    1. I know! But I honestly have no idea how those seeds got in there! You should see the flats now!! More sweet peas, but the carnations are coming up too! I’m ecstatic about them growing!! Just super confused as to how I could make that mistake!!


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