Crossing the Wheel

In response to the Paul’s Patch challenge — taken off of Carolee’s hearbalblessingsblog, let’s take a look at the garden in winter’s depth, but also take a moment to remember the grand difference of summer’s brilliance to keep us motivated. 

I only wish mine was covered in snow like Carolee’s!!

We’ve had a very mild winter, very spoiled with temps only as low as 27 – only a few nights, and no snow yet! Every weekend in January we’ve been able to work on outside projects, believe it or not it’s difficult not to have a winter this year–it tricks you into thinking you can plant sooner than you really ought to!

The wheel is finally closer to Spring time, taking a full six months to get through January, I’m ready!

I’m only taking a look at the cut flower garden, there’s several other spaces where we grew lots of other flowers, food, and gourds, but this is one I’m focusing on this year. It’s not as big and magical as many people’s I have seen, but it’s my first year, and I’m doing what I can with it. The plan is to make it four times bigger this year – a bit ambitious, but we have a plan!

It’s not as formal as a lot of spaces I’ve seen either, but it’s farm land, something that will be workable and easy to maintain for years to come- mow over and start over if needed!

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