Matching Puzzle Pieces (Approximately)

Well, I put some seeds in dirt today…

Exciting times! I put those notes on my other page – 2019 Flower Attempts – Notes & Photos.

Here’s a few thoughts for those of you following Florets design:


–when I purchased the seeds from Floret, it said approximately 100 seeds for carnations- but there’s definitely NOT 100 seeds per envelope. Which is good in one aspect, but kinda annoying in another. Maybe there’s 50 seeds….why does this matter!? Piece number two needs to be placed…

–PUZZLE PIECE NUMBER TWO– sample cutting garden plan

In one of their examples it shows a garden with 5 rows, 4 feet wide, 20 feet long. It shows you can plant 132 plants using their 9 inch layout. So when I bought 2 carnation seed packages, I thought that would be way too much for the grid – but it will be ok, because indeed it isn’t 200 seeds.

But on the other hand, for someone being a bit more precise and planning on 100 seeds because it says approximately 100 seeds and paying for 100 seeds might get really frustrated.

When I thought there was 100 seeds per package, I figured I’d start them all, then sell the seedlings that weren’t going to fit in the garden, but now as it is, I’m not going to have enough to sell according to the package.

And the sweet peas? Well, it shows she plants 60 per garden spot, there’s only 10-11 per package- something I didn’t notice until last week, so apparently I need to buy more of those too….? But I have some of my own seeds that I saved from last year, so I might just try those seeds.

We will see what sprouts & what survives.

On a different note…

THE GREENHOUSE IS COMING ALONG NICELY!!! I’ll have a separate post for that later today or tomorrow perhaps!

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Matching Puzzle Pieces (Approximately)

  1. I just looked at the exhaustive list of what you are planting this year and I am excited to see them in all their glory. Some of the flower names are new to me so that will be fun!

    I have had issues with seed counts also. Most of the time there are far more seeds than advertised and so when a packet says 15 seeds, I am really hoping for more and always disappointed when it is in fact 15 seeds.

    I am trying to make note of maturity dates this year so that I can calendar when certain veggies are mature. I feel like I may have missed out on some stuff in years past because I was not tuned into that little fact!


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