Greenhouse progress

Joe is an independent contractor- a very handy guy! This year he celebrates 30 years in his profession! He’s rebuilt countless kitchens, back porches, several houses, pergolas, bathrooms, additions, the list goes on! He’s very humble & will more than likely be a little embarrassed that I’ve posted this here, but I’m proud of him and all of his hard work – so I’m tooting my horn as his wife!! Toot-toot he’s a wonderful talented guy!!

So, needless to say-he’s the guy to build the greenhouse, Lord knows it wouldn’t turn out if I tried it, and it’s easier on the budget if he does it.

So, without further-a’do and less tooting…here’s the progress thus far!

The inside will be 7’5″ x 11″5′, the outside is 8’x12′.

Joe chose to use utility grade materials because it is cheaper and the dimensions are easier to work with. It’s a greenhouse, not a house, and it’s ours, not for a client.

The plan is to make it mobile, hence it’s setting on a sleigh type frame. The area we are going to put it in is near an old barn that’s seen more than it’s fair share of years. There’s plans in the works to tear it down, so, with that in mind The greenhouse will be moved when the day comes to build the new barn. We’ll fill in the base of the green house with something like wood chips, pea gravel or something like that.

We will drive in long bolts in the posts on the base to anchor it to the ground so it will not blow away. It will be mostly protected by the barn for the most part, but just in case, the bolts will go in for extra stability.

The bottom framing is where the tin (that we found in the barn two weeks ago) will be hung. This will help with stability and it will give it a bit of charm. Not having the plastic go all the way to the ground makes it easier to mow around also!

There will be a double layer shelf on both sides, leaving lots of storage under the bottom shelf for jars, pots and things like that. With the higher roof, Joe’s planning on some hanging storage for all the baskets I’ve collected from garage sales over the last two years (I have a thing for baskets!).

As of today, I only have 3 flats of seeds that I started, no heat mats and no lights yet. So, for now things can rest in the laundry room. The seeds need darkness to germinate, so no need for lights yet anyhow.

In two weeks I’ll plant more seeds and will need more space, the greenhouse should be closer to being done by then.

We measured the area to be sure trays will fit nicely on the shelves we’ll be putting in. 11 flats per shelf will fit nicely 👍 that’s 44 flats of seedlings–it will see lots of growing!!

Let’s hope I can do it justice!

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