Hardware Store…Garden Center…or Heaven?

Yesterday was a day that I was supposed to go to the grocery store to pick up milk & other staples for the house.  I am not a huge fan of going to the grocery store alone, so I asked hubby if he would be willing to go with me.  He said he would be happy to, if I went to the hardware store with him.  It sounded like a good trade to me!

We ran to the hardware store to pick up some plumping fixtures for one of his jobs.  While we were there, I asked about supplies for the garden project, thinking that perhaps they might have siding for the greenhouse or something along those lines.

Indeed, they do have an actual garden center, which hubby said, we could pass through on our way to the checkout stand.

Upon arriving in the garden center, I could tell it was more than just a run-of-the-mill average hardware store garden center– it had supplies for getting seeds started, fertilizing, growing, maintenance and everything anyone would need to grow any type of garden they were hoping to.  It was kinda like garden supply heaven – seeds of all kinds lining the entire wall, stacks of landscaping cloth, grow lights, warming mats….oh goodness!

It wasn’t difficult to find someone who could answer our questions about land scaping cloth, grow lights, warming mats, fertilizer and chatter about his own greenhouse and his own adventures in the garden.  He was enthusiastic, personable, professional and knowledgeable.

I’m excited that we not only found a place that is local, has decent prices, has the actual supplies at the store but they have an actual person that I can chat with about growing flowers!

It will definitely be a place that we visit often; hopefully very, very soon so we can get the supplies to start the seeds—but first – we build a greenhouse!

Here’s a link to their website if you are interested in finding more information about them.

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